What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress is a form of relief printing, where a forme composed of movable type (or another raised surface) is inked and printed repeatedly using a press.


Where do you do your letterpress printing?

I proudly print at the Western New York Book Arts Center located in Buffalo, NY. No, I don't work there - though you may see me floating around as a volunteer, or as a vendor at one of their craft markets. If you've never been there, you're missing out!


Do you do custom letterpress printing?

I accept an extremely limited amount of letterpress commissions. If you are interested in custom work, please describe your project in as much detail as possible using the form below, and we can chat more about your specific piece. 


How much do each of your services cost?

The projects that I take on vary greatly in both material and time costs, so all estimates are made on a per-job basis. Please use the contact form to request more information.


Can I buy your prints online?

My online shop is not set up just yet, but I would be happy to invoice you through Square and ship the print to your home. Drop me a line below letting me know which print you would like! You can also shop for my prints at ShopCraft, and WNYBAC.

Please be aware that all of my prints are limited edition, and some editions pictured may be sold out!


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